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How to Choose Carpets for your Home in Johannesburg

How to Choose Carpets for your Home in Johannesburg

The climate in Johannesburg, and generally in South Africa, is an ambient one and as a result, is quite easy to find suitable flooring solutions in this region.  There are also ample suppliers of flooring and carpets in Johannesburg which makes it quite simple to find the best flooring solution for your particular requirements.  Carpets are usually a good choice – they are luxurious underfoot and provide comfort during those cold winter evenings.  There are, however, such a variety of carpets to choose from that making a decision could be quite daunting.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best carpets if you live in South Africa.

  • Density:  It is essential that your carpet remains durable, even if you choose to use it in high traffic areas.  The density of the carpet has a lot to do with its suitability to different situations.  Typically, the denser the carpet is, the longer it will last.  It is also true that very dense carpets tend to be harder and you have to make a decision about whether you need softness and luxury versus a harder, more durable carpet.  Experts advise that softer carpets are used in bedrooms, while harder, dense carpets are used in high traffic areas like passages and hallways.
  • Material:  The carpet fabric is very important as certain carpets are more suited to conditions in South Africa. Here you can choose from a large selection that includes wool, nylon, polyester, sisal or variations of plastic.  Wool carpets are luxurious but can be hard to keep clean, whereas sisal carpets are hard wearing and easy to maintain.  Find out more about the pros and cons of the different materials and choose the one that will suit your taste and the conditions best.
  • Stain resistance:  If you have pets or children you have to take stain resistance seriously if you want your carpets to last long.  Often certain types of carpets are treated to increase their stain resistance and make them easier to clean.  Check out the options that provide better stain resistance for high traffic areas, kid’s rooms and areas where pets regularly go.
  • Colour and style:  Carpets are not just used to enhance the underfoot experience, they are also instrumental in the creation of an aesthetic appeal.  Ensure that the carpets you choose are suited to the room décor and surroundings in the room.  Avoid very loud colours as this could easily overpower a room.

Want to find out more about the best carpets to choose in Johannesburg, or in South Africa?  Then just call our helpful consultants at FloorTrader today!

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