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Important Practical Trends in Carpet Designs

Important Practical Trends in Carpet Designs

Johannesburg is a trendy city and if you want to stay in vogue when it comes to interior designs, it makes sense to invest in the modern designer carpets available from FloorTrader. As a reputable carpet supplier in South Africa with over 120 stores nationwide, we have a store near you in Johannesburg, where you can view the latest carpet designs and get expert advice on the type of carpet that will suit your upmarket home or office.

Static Control

One of the important trends of late is to install carpets that have anti-static qualities in commercial settings and in residential rooms where many electronic components are located. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurs when a person walks or moves across a carpet surface and an electric charge builds up in the person’s body because of the friction created between their shoes and the carpet, or any floor surface for that matter. Static presence can be detected when the hair stand on end or when a person touches another person or object and a static spark can be seen or felt. This occurs when the person touches an object that has a lower electric potential. Upon contact, electricity flows from the person to the object as a result of the stored static charge.

If you have small children in the house, it can become quite annoying if they experience the charge on a regular basis. What is more of a problem is that sensitive electronic components can potentially be damaged because of static build-up. Doctor’s rooms where medical equipment is stationed, computer rooms, and even the studies in residential homes are high-risk areas. Creating an area where static is minimised or absent has thus become important in today’s interior designs where the risk of damage to electronic components is high.

Moisture Resistance

Another trend worth observing is the focus on moisture-resistant carpets. Though Johannesburg doesn’t have a particularly high humidity, spills on the carpets can lead to moisture build-up and this in turn can cause growth of odour-casting bacteria. If you plan to install the latest designer carpets in rooms where spillages are likely to occur, consider whether they are moisture-resistant.

Stain Protection

A third trend observable is that of stain protection. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to replace the stylish carpet in a room because of a single spill. When buying floor coverings, consider whether stain protection has been applied.

Solutions Available

You will find that we offer an extensive range of elegant, modern, and highly durable designer carpets suitable for applications ranging from light to heavy residential and commercial installations. The Top Berber range consists of pile fibre carpets with a 100% stain shield fibre, POWERbac moisture-resistance, rot-proof carpet backing, and the Stain Shield protective finish. Well-suited for residential application, the range is made in South Africa from locally sourced raw materials. The carpet range also meets the requirements for the green star rating (GBCSA criteria). Silhouette II is suitable for medium commercial usage with built-in static control and made from 100% PP Xtron Stain safe yarn.

The above are only two of the ranges to address the modern requirements of moisture-resistant, stain resistant, and static-control characteristics of contemporary floor surfaces in South Africa. Visit our store in Johannesburg or call us for expert guidance in the selection of elegant and trendy carpets to fit your particular needs.

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