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LVT Floors – A Warmer and Softer Alternative

LVT Floors – A Warmer and Softer Alternative

LVT floors (or luxury vinyl tiles) are available in a variety of colours and patterns, many of which closely resemble the hard laminated surfaces that first made their appearance in Sweden during the late 1980s. The latter have become widely favoured in most countries, notably for their tough and easy care properties, but also for their ability to mimic convincingly the more expensive flooring materials, such as natural timbers, and various types of stone, such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tiles. Despite their versatility and convenience, there are many instances in which a softer but equally durable surface can be more suitable.

LVT floors offer not just a similar appearance, but are also able to match the durability of these laminated surfaces, yet they are also far more resilient underfoot. This too is a product that is constructed from multiple layers, but utilises vinyl in most of them. The greater resilience that readily differentiates it from the harder flooring products results from the use of vinyl as the material for its core layer rather than the more inflexible medium or high density fibreboard used to make laminated boards.

These tiles provide a more cushioned surface on which to walk and this alone can be of great benefit to those required to spend long hours on their feet. LVT floors also display excellent insulating properties and this translates into two additional and very valuable benefits. Firstly they are warm underfoot because the vinyl layers act to limit any heat loss to the subfloor. Secondly the tiles are equally effective at obstructing the passage of sounds and so they are markedly quieter underfoot than hard laminated flooring.

These properties serve to make this a flooring solution that is an ideal choice both for home and business use and the tiles are available in a range of grades suitable for everything from domestic use to heavy commercial and even light industrial use.

The tiles are designed to interlock, which means that the installation process is not just quick and simple, but also ensures greater stability. Apart from its high resistance to abrasion, this radical flooring innovation is also highly resistant to staining, fading and the effects of both chemicals and fire – an important safety requirement for commercial premises.

FloorTrader is an independent company with several branches in the Gauteng and Durban areas. As members of the nationwide network of Top Carpets and Floors retailers we offer consumers the same quality and competitive prices when choosing LVT floors.

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