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Carpets: Choose the Right Carpet and Maintenance is a Breeze

Carpets: Choose the Right Carpet and Maintenance is a Breeze

Many aspects of daily living are affected when water is scarce, as it is in Cape Town at the moment. Our specialists at Floor Trader, a division of Top Carpets & Floors, would like to assure customers that there is a wide variety of beautiful flooring options which need very little to no water to keep clean. One of the flooring options is carpets.

Yes, there is a lot of benefit in professional cleaning as it can extend the life of the carpet and also reduces the presence of allergens by improving the air quality. However, if you make the right choice of carpeting from the start, you will find it is a low-maintenance flooring option which offers a great return on investment. The right type of carpet installed in the right area of the home should only need to be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

We do not advise homeowners to clean their carpets themselves. Some people may think a DIY cleaning could save water, which of course is important in areas like Cape Town, but there is the risk of the carpet being damaged in the process. And, apart from this, cleaning carpets properly, as a professional would, involves a lot of time and hard work.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when undertaking a DIY cleaning project is using too much shampoo and water. Both are extremely bad for carpets, as the soapy residue can build up in the fibres and too much water soaks into the bottom of the carpet.

To make the right choice of carpeting, you must:

  1. Recognise and be realistic about the type of traffic the carpet will need to endure. If you are carpeting your entrance hall, for example, it is obvious that this area will need a durable carpet that loves foot traffic. Other high activity areas of the home include stairs, living rooms and play areas.
  2. Think about your lifestyle. A young, trendy couple who do not have children or pets can easily lavish their home in plush pile carpets in a neutral colour. But, if you are a busy household which loves pets, a textured loop pile or quality hard-twist cut are definitely better options if you want something hard wearing which is good at hiding marks and stains.
  3. Choose the colour wisely. Darker colours can instantly transform a large room into a cosier space and lighter colours make rooms appear more spacious. A carpet that mixes two colours is a winner when it comes to hiding marks and stains, which means less maintenance and less need to have to use water for cleaning (which is a plus for Cape Town customers).
  4. Ask about stain protection. It is a wise investment which will extend the life of your carpets by keeping them looking new and beautiful for years to come. Stain protection also guards against damage which can be caused by materials walked into or spilt on the carpeting.

We understand the need to save water in Cape Town. Let us help you choose the right, low-maintenance carpet for your home.

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