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Suitable For Outdoors


With artificial grass you can create a low-maintenance outdoor environment where children can play without the risk of grass allergies, pets can experience a soft underfoot, and where you can relax. Also suitable as outdoor sports surfaces, for landscaped office environments and for outdoor seating at restaurants, our range of artificial grass is comprehensive, ensuring that your landscaping requirements can be met.

Achieve perfect replication of well-manicured lawn throughout the year, without the cost and time involved in keeping the grass in tip-top condition. You also minimise your environmental impact, and with various textures and greens available, you are spoilt for choice.

The modern artificial grass is soft, stunningly similar in appearance to natural grass, and affordable. The applications are endless, including its use on decks, cricket fields, children’s playgrounds and more. The benefits are equally impressive and include:

  • Durability – the grass is well-suited for heavy-traffic areas and can withstand the harsh environmental elements, such as UV rays and rain.
  • Low maintenance – once installed, you don’t have to weed the surface, and thus have more time to relax.
  • Aesthetically appealing – keeping grass beautiful throughout the year costs money and time. With artificial grass, you can have an evergreen lawn throughout the year.

Choose from our extensive range of colours and textures, such as the Olive Green, Summer Green, Parklands – Emerald Green, Tempo-Envy, Lawn Plus – Gem or the Rye Duo grass.