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More About Pricing

Prices can vary from installation to installation because of a number of factors. Among them would be to ascertain what has to be removed first, the condition of the existing floor, accessibility to the area, is there excessive furniture etc; all these can have a bearing on the final price, so do not take square metre prices as being the actual figure. It’s therefore important that our consultant visits your home first before providing a final price all of which is provided free of charge.

Our pricing table is a guide to give you a better choice in selecting a floor.
It’s roughly based on ranges of flooring between the R100.00 per square metre upwards.
The price per square exclude fitment and underlay, and is just a guide and not to be used as a quotation. However, please note, all pricing is inclusive of VAT.

Please note that on small orders under 10m2, minimum charges will apply.

© Best Buys/ m2 – approx up to – R199

©© Affordable/ m2 – approx R200 – R349

©©© Premium/ m2 – approx R350 – R599

©©©© Delux/ m2 – approx R600 – upwards