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The perfect Parquet. BKB Parquet-engineered wood is made from sustainable fibre and is suitable for heavy-duty applications. Commercial and residential warrantees range from 10 to 20 years. This range of distinctive finishes make BKB perfect for any business or home.

BKB is crafted using French Oak with a Bona Traffic top layer to ensure maximum strength. BKB is a 3 ply, 14mm engineered wood floor with a 3.5mm solid top layer. All BKB products are finished with 6 quotes of UV hardened lacquer and a BONA traffic coating for extra durable strength. LOC system on the floor ensures ease of installation.

BKB only uses French Oak for extra stability and quality assurance.

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Engineered wooden floors have become much in demand in recent months because although the customer gets a natural wood floor, it is manufactured in a multi-layered system with real hardwood as the top layer and supported by Hevea (rubberwood) – a plantation wood in the centre, and provided with a softwood as the base.