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Euro Vision

Laminate flooring not only has an attractive appearance – the surfaces are also finished with a high-quality coating making it particularly easy to care for. A damp wipe or vacuuming is all it takes to keep laminate flooring clean and hygienic.

EGGER laminate flooring is a floor covering for indoor use containing over 90% of the raw material wood. Due to the high proportion of wood material, the product is subject to natural changes in dimensions (shrinking and expanding) when climate conditions change. It is constructed using several components, which are permanently fused together using pressure and temperature (exception: DPR technology). The individual components are: wear layer, decorative paper, coreboard and balancer.

Euro Vision is ideal for heavy domestic use & medium commercial use.

Supplied by: Azura
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High impact resistance

Resistant against UV radiation

Easy to care for and hygienic

Renewable and ecological raw material