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Silhouette Elite

Silhouette Elite is a beautiful, soft and luxurious carpet. It is imported from Belgium and is a must for any family room.  It’s the picture-perfect choice for comfort, style and beauty. It’s amazingly soft, and comes in a variety of natural colours.

Supplied by: The Designer Collection
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Yarn: 100% PP Xtron Stainsafe Yarn

Yarn Weight / Total Mass: 1600g/m2 / 2630/m2 (TBC?)

Pile Height: 9mm

Mach. Guage: 5/32′ Cut Pile

Stitches/10Cm +/- 44

Width: 4.00

Backing Primary/Secondary: Action Bac

Fire Rating: 3 -[ efl (EN 13501-1) ]

Area Grade: Medium Commercial

Pattern Repeat: N/A

Static Control: Built In

Elec/ Prop: Less than 2.0kv

Standard Roll: 25.00lm